An award winning creative with over 25 years experience in building some of the most iconic brands in the world at leading global agencies in New York, creating award winning campaigns for American Express, AT&T, JP Morgan Chase, Wall Street Journal, Crayola, and more.

A breadth of experience in creating strong brand personalities, product development, communication design, and driving sales in competitive retail environments. Uniquely suited to working with the new ways consumers interact with brands through merchandising, digital, social media, PR, UX design, and a landscape of ever-evolving technologies.

Extensive production experience, not only working with some of the top film directors, photographers and illustrators in the industry, but by also being directly involved in directing videos, editing, doing commercial photography, and production design.

For 10 years as an Executive Creative Director, has experience in building teams, managing creative output for campaigns and other special projects. Has also supervised the creative output of client’s other partner agencies for special product launches. Has refined skills and track record in presenting and selling great work, developing a solid relationship with clients at the highest levels, and in nurturing young creative talent.